Monday, February 22, 2010

Gingersnap cookies I

Ever since Josie brought her amazing gingersnaps to our house several months ago I have been wanting to make them. They were so good!! Unfortunately, right around the time I asked her for the recipe she started being sick all the time due to a little one that Claire is getting excited to meet in June. (Claire's babysitter is also expecting, so the topic comes up a lot. Today Claire asked me: "do you have a baby in your belly, too?" No, just a few too many bowls of ice cream, Claire.)

Anyway, I'm still hoping that sometime Josie will share her great gingersnap recipe, but in the meantime, I tried a recipe from Simply I made it pretty much exactly to her instructions, except that I only made half a recipe (in case I didn't like them... though not too much chance of that) and then I rolled them into a (somewhat lumpy) log and then in raw sugar before freezing the log.

Tonight I cut off several thin roundish cookies and just finished baking them for 8 min. Couldn't be easier, really.

And... they are really, pretty good! they are thinner than Josie's, but they are crunchy like hers, which is a must for me. I like all my cookies crunchy (feel free to disagree in the comments, I know not everyone agrees!) but especially gingersnaps! I think I still like yours better, Josie, they were a little more substantial, while still crunchy, and I REALLY loved the raw sugar all over yours, instead of just around the edges like these were.

Maybe sometime there can be a Gingersnap Cookie II post??? :)


Stalin said...

Some bad news for you - Josie does not recall which gingersnaps she brought to Dubuque. She has 3 recipes and I think she should just post them all and you can make them all and decide which was right.

Kate said...

Well, if it helps they were small, crunchy, and covered in those big grains of raw sugar! :)
I do like this recipe I posted (I actually wanted to make them again a couple days ago - but we were out of molassas.) But hers were so good so I'd love to have the recipe, or a few to try to figure it out! Her cookies were a very different style than these, so almost a different sort of cookie completely... both delicious!