Friday, August 28, 2009

Tomato Sandwich, mmmmmmm.

This is a simple one (nothing groundbreaking by any means), and it's important to stuff your face now because once good heirloom tomatoes are gone, so's this recipe. I looooooove these, hopefully everyone else will too.

Heirloom tomatoes of your favorite sort
Good sturdy sandwich bread ( i like multi-grain but white's all good)
Mayo (not miracle whip. i assume i don't even have to say that here.)
Nice flaky salt

Toast bread. While it's still very warm (you should move it right from the toaster to this step) spread with mayo on one side. Don't go nuts, but don't be mean about it either. Top with 1-2 thick slices of tomato, salt liberally, pepper it up and enjoy open-faced. Make a few, you're gonna want them. Add some fresh basil leaves if you're the sort to mess with perfection.

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