Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6 - 3's ice cream

I saw our ice cream maker in the basement this morning, which made me think about homemade ice cream. And this recipe is what I always think of when I think of homemade ice cream. I remember making this at the farm when we'd go visit in the summer and sometimes at home for our neighborhood ice cream parties (back when we lived in Ottumwa - where Andy always wanted to go on vacation after we moved away. Anyone else remember that?? We'd have our family meeting to discuss where we might want to go on vacation that year and there'd be suggestions like North Carolina and Colorado. And Andy would always want Devil's Lake. When that got shot down (well, we did go there once), he'd suggest Ottumwa. Am I remembering that right???)

Summer and ice cream just go so well together. Ok, every other season, too. I love ice cream, it's my favorite dessert! Right after I finish typing this I think I'll go get that ice cream maker and freeze the bowl so we can make some of this soon.

Anyone else remember making this ice cream at the farm?

6 -3's Ice Cream

This makes 1 qt., for a small ice cream maker. The original recipe was 6 ingredients and 3 c. of the first ingredients and the juice of 3 lemons, etc. and made a lot (a large, old-fashioned ice cream maker's worth). (It also called for bananas instead of pineapple, but I don't know that I've ever had it with bananas - ever since I can remember our family has used pineapple). This recipe has also been adjusted by Grandma K. to be slightly less rich than the original recipe, but it is wonderful, so don't let that fool you!

1 3/4 c. milk

1/3 c. cream

3/4 c. sugar


1/3 c. orange juice

1 1/2 T. lemon juice (or a bit more)

3/4 c. crushed pineapple

1/4 c. corn syrup (also not in the original, but adds smoothness)

Mix in an ice cream maker. Add the fruit and juices after the milk, cream, and sugar is partially frozen.

Enjoy summer!

(note: picture from allrecipes.com from their 6-3's recipe, which is the original, but is not as good as this family version. Really, it's pretty much white ice cream with little bits of pineapple, not much special to look at but awesome tasting. Who needs a picture, anyway?)

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I remember this. It was good.