Monday, December 8, 2008

Finding new family favorites and obsessing about good food

There are only a few people that I know who obsess about good food and enjoy talking about it as much as people in my extended family. Now that most of our generation are out on their own and cooking for themselves, I thought that a forum to share recipes and rants about food might be kind of fun, especially with others who have the same food background (ie crescent rolls at holidays are a must). As the title implies, hopefully we'll discover good dishes that might become new family favorites too.

Blog authorship is open to any of the cousins who likes to cook and wants to share recipes or food obsessions. Blog readership is open to anyone who cares to read, so pass it along (and please keep it anonymous - only use first names, etc.) Let me know if you want to be added as an author!

Happy cooking!

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